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Mark Your Calendar for TechWeek Fall 2019!

Join us for TechWeek Fall 2019. We have planned a series of hands-on workshops delivered by experts in the field!

About Us

The Digital Business Student Association (DBSA) was established in 2015 by a group of students in the Bachelor of Commerce –Digital Business Management degree program. It is a student run organization that collaborates with faculty members, students, professionals, and the Faculty of Business at Humber, to provide various workshops and events on the growing trends in the technology industry.

DBSA strives to empower and connect students to the world of digital business. We provide students with a platform to develop their interest in business and technology.

Our goal is to help shape future leaders who want to broaden their horizon through networking, events, and hands-on training. At DBSA, we offer a community to leaders who want to cultivate a better and innovative future.

We are most proud of TechWeek, a series of hands-on workshops we deliver once a semester to our colleagues at Humber College.

Thanks to everyone for making our TechWeek events great successes!

Meet the Team

Meet Your 2019-2020 Executive Team!

President – Michallia Marks 

Michallia is a third year student in the Digital Business Management program. She previously pursued her Associate Degree in Management Information Systems graduating with Honors, and then worked as a Payroll Analyst for a Fortune 500 company. She  is determined on becoming a student of her craft and plans on becoming a Project Manager in the I.T./Digital Marketing field.

As President, she oversees the entire team in their initiatives, and maintains our website.  

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VP Operations & Event Management – Japjit Grewal

Japjit is a second year student and has been an active member of the DBSA since joining the program. He organizes and manages all aspects of our events and workshops, including recruiting volunteers, and ensuring that our events are executed with excellence.

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Vice President of Marketing – TBD

Our VP of Marketing is responsible for the creative marketing of the DBSA, both online and on campus to increase our presence within the school community. This includes the creation of posters and promotional material for our social media. Please note this position is open to current students in the Digital Business Management BComm program only.

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