Coding Bootcamp – Student-led Seminar

Humber E-Business Marketing students had the opportunity to have their coding skills brought to new heights with a student led Coding Bootcamp seminar. The event, organized by the e-Business Student Association took place on February 19th of this year at Humber Lakeshore.

David Bembenek, a third year e-Business marketing student, took on the task of running the seminar. Helping to build on the skills we’ve learned during the course of our college careers is what attracted him to this position. David’s goal for the event was, “to help students get from little knowledge of HTML and CSS to being familiar with the latest web development standards and understand how to setup and use the industry standard tools.”

Students who attended learned website design basics as well as a bootstrap framework that, either as a refresher course or brand new concepts, will aid them in any future endeavors in this growing industry .

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