Build Your Own Website @ Arts Milton

On March 27th 2015, our Program Coordinator, Hanadi Alnawab hosted the “Web Development Fundamentals” workshop at the Milton Centre for the Arts. Throughout the workshop, Hanadi taught local artists how to develop and maintain a website using WordPress. The aim was to help these artists build a web presence in order to help promote their work over the Internet.

A week after the first session, students from the E-business Marketing and Accounting program attended the second part of the workshop, “Build Your Own Website” to help and assist with the development of their websites. By using a more hands on approach, the students were able to engage and interact even further with the participants.

Most of the participants were already on their way with great ideas of how they wanted their websites to look and they all seemed very eager to learn from our talented students. Overall, this experience was beneficial for the participants as they got to engage with knowledgeable individuals, while the students could practice dealing with potential clients.

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