e-Business Student Association members attend Digifest 2015

The following piece was written by Chad Fernandez, part of our Executive Team. Chad and other students who are also part of the e-Business Student Association had the opportunity to visit Digifest 2015 on May 7th, 2015.

What an inspiring festival! Digifest 2015 was truly a digital experience that I would recommend to any student that is interested in technology, business, art or anything in between. There was such a wide range of activities from virtual reality gaming to drone flying. The guest speaker line-up was remarkable! Each speaker shared his or her experiences in the many unique industry that make up the digital world.  Subjects like crypto currencies and its development in the financial sector to a bacteria detecting device used to help diabetes patients in the healthcare industry are just some examples of the diverse material the guest speakers covered in their talks. All in all, this festival has not only broadened my knowledge of the vastness of the digital world, but it has also made me better understand, and prepare for the things to come in the future. I found the biggest problem during the entire festival was deciding which talk or activity to participate in because each one was as interesting as the next.

Steve Mann being recognized for his incredible work as a Canadian leader in the technology industry! The Digital Pioneer Award is presented annually to an individual that has significantly contributed to digital culture in Canada. Steve Mann definitely deserves this one! Check out some of his amazing work.

One of our very own Humber students being recognized at Digifest 2015! Lichuan Wen for won the Best of the Best Student Showcase award in Web Design and Development! She just graduated this year from the Web Development program at Humber North Campus. Way to go and congratulations!


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