e-Business Marketing students attend Unbounce 2015

The following post was written in parts by Essra Arshad, Lauren Ashmore and Martin Perez. These students attended the Unbounce Conversion Road Trip in Toronto on June 3rd 2015.

Essra Arshad:

The Unbounce Conversion road trip was an amazing experience for myself and my peers from Humber College. Unbounce is a team that focuses on building and converting landing pages for marketers. We were talked through tips and tricks to improve landing pages, marketing strategy hacks, and discussed A/B testing with some of the most knowledgeable folks in the industry.

The Unbounce team did a phenomenal job at keeping us informed of the latest tools of trade as well as keeping us entertained. The conversion road trip was concluded with an after party at Spin, where we got to play ping pong and chat with the Unbounce team. The entire experience was informative, educational, and I was very thankful to Humber for sending us to the conference.

Martin Perez:

Earlier in June, we had the opportunity to attend the Unbounce Conversion Road Tripe where the Unbounce team and a group of other industry experts held numerous presentations and panels on digital marketing topics. Unbounce specializes in developing a tool that easily generates landing pages through drag and drop functions. As a result, a large majority of the presentations and talks during the conference revolved around landing pages and their purposes. Other presentations also took place, covering topics such as Entrepreneurship, Google AdWords Campaigns and A/B Testing.

Additional to the presentations, networking was highly encouraged as there were plenty of breaks between sessions and an after party at the end of the day. I personally had the chance to talk to several industry experts, including Karl Gilis from AGConsult and specialists from the Bing Ads team.

In retrospective, I really enjoyed my time at the Unbounce Conversion Road Trip. So much so, that we have started using Unbounce’s services at the company I work for. After learning about this tool and catching up and all the current methods, tricks and tips to achieve high conversions, it was a no-brainer to start implementing these skills and knowledge at work.

Lauren Ashmore:

Speakers Toolkit:

Kiss Metrics and Qualaroo (customer insight), Ubberflip (content hub), Perfect Audience (Facebook and Web retargeting), Google Adwords, MailChimp and Aweber (E-mail Marketing), Hubspot (inbound marketing), Salesforce (CRM), Ready Talk (Web Video Conferences), Unbounce (Landing pages), Wistia (Business Video Hosting), and Hotjar (heatmaps, motion recordings, analytics)

Helpful tidbits:

  • Google doesn’t track quality score overtime so find means to track it in order to measure success. You may do so through an Adwords Script.
  • 25-30 words for Social Media Posts are recommended
  • Generate 100 ideas with 6-8 non-marketers in 6-10 minutes then refine from there so get one solid idea. Make sure you ask yourself: How many resources are used, how much effort will it take, and how easy will it be to scale.
  • Google Talk will allow you to create a phone number to text – One of the speakers had us text 1-234-CHU-NEMO
  • Green check marks are reassuring during checkout process.
  • Always have a solid hypothesis before testing – an obvious but oh-so-necessary way to A/B test.
  • In order to create authority on your website included testimonials and case studies, industry awards, and high profile clients.
  • Attention triggers on webpage: Movement (Java script), Video, Side Ups.

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