e-Business Marketing students attend Camp Tech sessions

The following post was written by Courtney Coon, 4th year student of the e-Business Marketing program. Courtney attended one of the Camp Tech sessions held in Downtown Toronto thanks to the e-Business Student Association and wrote about her experience.

When I received a message from Hanadi, our program coordinator, regarding the chance to attend a Camp Tech workshop, I jumped at the opportunity. I had never heard of Camp Tech prior to her e-mail, however now it’s a series of workshops I rave about.

The Business School gave me the chance to take part in the Desktop Publishing with InDesign workshop. I am a strong believer that Adobe software is becoming more and more relevant to our program, so choosing this workshop was a no brainer for me.

I went into the workshop having InDesign installed on my computer and that was it. I had never worked with this specific program before, but the instructor made me feel very confident regardless.

At the start of the workshop, we were instructed to download a few different folders from Camp Tech’s website. These folders included all of the material we would need for the day including photos, fonts and examples.

Within the three hour session, I learnt all of the InDesign basics just by creating a double sided post card. We first were given a sample document, where we followed the instructor, learning concepts such as positioning, cropping and inserting to name a few. After we had the fundamentals mastered, we were able to create the postcard with such ease.  We could edit photos no problem, chose the appropriate strokes for fonts and position and re-position; it was so easy!

Near the end of the session, we didn’t just have a post card. We had a final product that was ready to be used as an interactive piece and one that was ready to go straight to the printer!

I am looking very forward to the upcoming year so that I can teach everything I learnt at Camp Teach, to my fellow e-Business Marketing peers!

camp-tech-post-card-2 camp-tech-post-card

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