Internship Experience Networking Event – Monday, September 28th

Although your 4th year might seem far off, you might already started thinking about your internship or work placement. You probably have many questions, such as “Where do I look for a job?”, “What positions should I apply for?” or “What is it like working in the e-Business industry?”.

This Monday, September 28th, the e-Business Student Association (e-BSA) is holding its first Internship Experience Networking Event.

Featuring a night of:

  • Networking with 4th year e-Business Students who have just finished their summer internship
  • Q&A panel with students who worked (and are currently working) in many diverse e-Business industries
  • Presentations from e-Business Students who attended events sponsored by the e-BSA.

Join us this Monday at 6:30pm in Room L1017. Free drinks and snacks will be provided!

Please use the following Eventbrite link to register to the event, limited spots available:

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