Camp Tech – Google Analytics Workshop

The following post was written by Christine Hagen, a 1st year student of the e-Business Marketing program. Christine attended the Google Analytics Workshop held at Humber College Lakeshore Campus as part of an e-Business Student Association event.

Geoff Marcy from Camp Tech personally visited our Humber College Lakeshore campus to teach e-Business Marketing students about the power of using Google Analytics in business. During this 3 hour session, Geoff covered topics such as:

  • An overview of analytics
  • The measurement plan, and various ways to measure data
  • Filters and secondary dimensions
  • Tracking key goals
  • Understanding various types of reports
  • Tagging campaigns

He also went into further detail, by teaching students about the behaviour of our audience, which pages or areas of a website are most popular, geographic locations of people on our site and finding out how long a user spends on a certain web page. This workshop provided insight about the importance of measuring online presence when trying to grow a business.

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