Digital Business Management: Networking and Placement Experience Event

The following post was written Christal Alcindor & Adrian Bachmann, both 1st year students of the e-Business Marketing program. Christine attended the Networking and Placement Experience Event held at Humber College Lakeshore Campus as part of an e-Business Student Association event.

The e-Business Student Association, presented students with the amazing opportunity to mix and mingle with upperclassmen and alumni in an entertaining night of motivation, information and inspiration. The night commenced with a lively keynote address and an outline of the upcoming activities by President Martin Perez, along with remarks regarding the placement process. The main focus of this incredible, motivational introduction was to look back on past e-BSA experiences, the ongoing activities of the association and the program itself, and looking towards the future by sparking the light of leadership within many of the first and second year students in attendance.

Presentations were made by the senior students, describing their experiences attending past digital business events such as Camp-Tech and Unbounce. Upcoming events like the most anticipated Photoshop Skills workshop and Google Analytics were highlighted as well. Further on into the night, students had the opportunity to mix and mingle with professors, senior students, and alumni of the Digital Business Management program. I had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Mitch Henderson from EB Games and a former student of Humber College. On the basis of personal experience and interaction with the former alumni, he gave me some valuable insight on how to have a step ahead in my placement pursuit, enlightening me on his responsibilities at EB Games.

Lastly, there was a Q&A session between the students and faculty in the audience and a panel of fourth year Digital Business Management students. They all gave us valuable advice on resume building and how to stand out as a professional.

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