Get In Touch Page – Now Accepting Workshop, Volunteering and Executive Team Applications

The following post was written by Chad Fernandez, a 4th year student of the e-Business Marketing program.

The e-Business Student Association has been hard at work, creating events to keep e-Business Marketing students learning new and exciting skills outside of the classroom. All in hopes to keep us sharp and well-prepared for the ever-changing industry that lies ahead after graduation. With that said, in order for us to run these awesome events throughout the year, we need more enthusiastic and experienced young professionals from the program to get involved! It takes an unprecedented amount of planning and hard work to bring things together, which is why we have finally developed a ‘Get In Touch’ page on our website.

This new addition to the website will give those interested in participating with the e-BSA the opportunity to reach out, tell us a little about themselves, and, more importantly, to start getting involved with our events; either as a volunteer or an Executive Team Member! Currently, there are opportunities available to join the e-BSA Executive Team. Additionally, there are also volunteering opportunities for students to be apart of, which is a great way to gain some work experience and get a feel of the inner workings of the e-BSA.

Lastly, we are officially opening up submissions for Student-led seminars. If you have any set of skills that you would like to teach about to your peers, please use this page to tell us about it. Upon review and approval, the e-BSA will provide you with the classroom and equipment you require to successfully teach your own workshop!

The e-BSA team is excited and looking forward to work alongside other students who share the same passion for e-Business Marketing. So please, join us in creating an amazing extra curricular experience that enhances our learning here at Humber College.

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Chad Fernandez

Aspiring Digital Marketer, working towards a Bachelor of Commerce in e-Business Marketing.

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