Join the e-BSA Executive Team – Social Media Coordinator

Our Executive Team is looking for a Social Media Coordinator to take over all of the e-BSA’s social profiles. e-Business Marketing students from all years are invited to apply!

We are excited to bring a team-player and ambitious e-Business Marketing student into our team. The e-BSA’s Social Media Coordinator will be in charge of running our existing Facebook page and creating official Twitter and Instagram accounts. We are looking for an out-spoken student with impeccable writing skills and a sense of how to make Social Media informative and engaging at the same time. Our goal is to make the e-BSA Social Media Profiles a “must-follow” for every e-Business Marketing student at Humber College.

Lastly, the Social Media Coordinator would oversee the setup and management of our very first Association Newsletter through MailChimp.

The Ideal Skill Set:

  • Experience managing Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles and Instagram Profiles
  • Experience in Social Media Reporting (Monthly Likes, Engagements, Clicks, etc.)
  • Basic image editing skills (Resizing, Cropping, Cover Pictures, Profile Pictures)
  • Knowledge of Social Media Management tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Tweetdeck
  • MailChimp knowledge and experience. Setting up newsletters and managing subscriber lists.

How to Apply:

Visit our Contact Us page and make sure to choose “I want to join the Executive Team” as your topic. Tell us a little bit about yourself and submit your resume if you’d like. Please keep in mind that Executive Team positions at the e-BSA are NOT paid.

Happy Humber-ing!

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