Photoshop Basic Skills – Student-led Seminar

The following post was written by Christine Hagen, a 1st year student of the e-Business Marketing program. Christine attended the Photoshop Basic Skills – Student-led Seminar held at Humber College Lakeshore Campus as part of an e-Business Student Association event.

Lauren Ashmore, a 3rd year e-Business Marketing student, headed the e-Business Student Association’s first student-led seminar of the Fall 2015 semester. The Photoshop Workshop on October 1, 2015 was intended to give students the opportunity to learn one of the Adobe Suite’s most powerful design tools, and also, to gain a creative edge that later can be used in their future careers.

To get started, Ashmore provided 6 different images to work with while explaining the tools in the menu bar, and how each are used. She then had students do simple exercises, such as selecting pieces of an image and putting it on a new background among explaining different media file sizes for different media purposes (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

Lauren not only educated her fellow students on the diverse functionality of Adobe Photoshop, but she also was able to relate the course content to how she is currently using it at “Downtown Camera“, her place of work. Students concurred that her work experience in relation to what she was teaching in the workshop, was a great connection to why and how someone might use Photoshop in the workplace.

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