Digi-Connect: our new mentorship program debuts in 2016!

Attention all Digital Business Management students!

<<What are my goals? What do I want to do after graduation? What should I do to improve my grades? How am I going to find a placement next summer?>>

If you don’t yet have an answer to these questions, fear not! The Humber e-BSA has you covered with the new Digi-Connect mentorship program. Who else better to talk to about your goals than a fellow colleague in the fourth year or a grad?

Attention 4th year students and grads!

If you’ve been there, done that and have a strong desire to inspire and mentor fellow peers, this might be just the thing for you!

The Digi-Connect program is currently run by the new members of our executive team, Christine Hagen and Christine Howald.

Click here to read more about Digi-Connect Program

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