Digital Business Management students attend the Digital Media Summit

Digital Media Summit

2016 Digital Media Summit – Notes

Working with a Marketing Agency Pros and Cons:


  • Agencies allow for proper consultation

  • Embrace change – adaptive


  • Decisions can take too long

  • Still trying to make digital fit

  • Obsessed with cool factor

Industry leaders speak about how schools can help prepare students for the field:

  • Schools need to be more adaptive to changes in the industry

  • Emphasis placed on how to deal with change

  • Understanding broader business objectives

  • Soft Skills

  • Class structure is more tactical and not strategic (more open classes with more autonomy)

Email marketing:

  • Most ROI

  • Larger customer lifetime longevity

  • Personalizing it with a name increases open rate by 26%

  • Prescriptive: Brands are no longer in control with subscription model and CASL

    • One way to combat this is the ask for frequency preferences in order to retain loyalty.

  • Consider using gifs, dynamic content, whole micro, social media icons,

  • A welcome email  is critical for long term engagement

  • Use events to encourage the use of email such as anniversary emails or b-day promos

  • Apple watch reads emails as text only

  • Format for email format:

    • Head – 30 pixels tall

    • Body – 16 pixels tall

    • Min font 13pts

    • Button 44 x 44 pts

  • Tools:, Mark Robins: Rebel Mail, Pony Express (transactions right in your gmail account)


Notes by Lauren Ashmore

What students are saying…

“The atmosphere was very inviting and interesting. There were a lot of influential people and I learned the importance of Networking. People say it’s not about what you know but about who you know. It has never been more true then within this industry. So, make all the connections you can, because your network is your net worth.”

Shenelle Lumzel-Brown

Pictures from the event

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