DBSA’s First Official Fundraiser = Success!

Congratulations! Together, we raised $507 for Fort McMurray!

Tuesday, June 22nd we had our first fundraiser, Dbsa’s Cupcake Decorating Fundraiser for Fort McMurray! In the recent event of the fires in Fort McMurray, we not only wanted to support the community with a fundraiser but also donate all the proceeds in honor of my family members Linda & Gary Armstrong, who were evacuated from their home. They were away from their home for 44 days. First evacuated to Edmonton, then moved to Fort Frances where they have a cabin. A drive that was usually 4 hours took 20, even with both sides of the highway open! We are happy to hear they are safe and back at home in Fort McMurray.

We want to thank all the Humber students & staff who donated, we are astonished with the amount we raised!

In honor of Linda & Gary Armstrong, Dbsa has donated a total of $507.00 to the Canadian Red Cross!!

Thank You!!!

-Your Humber Dbsa Executive Team


2 thoughts on “DBSA’s First Official Fundraiser = Success!

  1. Great job! thank you for your commitment and dedication, for taking the day off work, baking, and organizing this during your summer holiday! I look forward to future events and activities.

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