TechWeek 2017: THANK YOU for making it a success!

We are excited to announce that TechWeek 2017 was a complete success! The conference brought together members of the community including Humber students, small business owners and local artists, who all share the same passion for digital business. Together we learned new tech skills, met new people and contributed to each other’s learning experiences.

We would like to thank our program coordinator, Hanadi Alnawab for the continuous support and encouragement, the grads for coming back to Humber to share their amazing experiences, and the wonderful team of Shopify experts who shared their knowledge with us.

Most of all, we’d like to say a huge thank you to every TechWeek 2017 attendee for making this event a huge success. We’re happy that we received such amazing feedback and look forward to hosting more workshops!

Day 1: Facebook Ads Hands-on Workshop

Download slides or read more here.

Delivered by Martin Perez, Digital Business Management Grad.

Day 2: Mail Chimp Hands-on Workshop

Download slides.

Delivered by Irina Gorea and Kiran Bajwa, Executive Members of the DBSA team.

Day 3: Shopify Hands-on Workshop

Delivered by a team of Shopify gurus.

Day 4: Grad Panel and Networking Event



Thank you and stay tuned for more events!


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