Digital Business Students attend E-Revolution Panel Event

On Thursday, March 14, 2019, a group of students in the Digital Business Management program attended a panel event, E-Revolution: The Impact of Technology in the Business World, hosted by the International Business Student Association.
The panelists consisted of: Atiya Roach, Relationship Manager at HSBC Bank (graduate of the first cohort of the e-business program); Kerry Reynolds, Director of Integrated Marketing at Mozilla; and Ayaz Somani, Chief of Digital Strategy at Aluance Digital.

The panelists provided valuable insights about the disruptions unraveling in the business world due to fast pace at which technology is changing and growing exponential rate it is growing. All sectors of business are being affected and the onus is placed on companies to remain relevant and competitive on the global business platform.

Our Digital Business students had quite a number of questions for Atiya. When asked about her experience at Humber and the e-business program, she said, “My experience at Humber was truly amazing. I learnt so much in the e-business program. Everything you learn will prove to be useful when you go out into the business world. The core business subjects have really helped me a lot has I transitioned from the digital marketing field into finance.”

When prompted for advice to current students in the program she responded, “Enjoy the journey. It all goes by so quickly so enjoy every moment of it. And be open and flexible to the opportunities that will come your way.”

Artem, a first year student in the Digital Business Management program had this to say about the event:

“The discussion provided more clarity about the field I am in and the different paths I can take after I graduate. In addition, I networked with many students in my program and people from the industry which has provided me with the opportunity to grow my network and gain a better understanding of where each of us are in our academics and career path. It was a great learning opportunity and I had a great time.”

Indeed it was a great opportunity to network and gain valuable knowledge from industry professionals. Job well done on a successful event by the students of the International Business Association.



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