Valuable Insights From a Digital Marketing Specialist

Interview & Article by: Alexandra Belen, Digital Business Management student

Martin Perez is a graduate from Humber College’s Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Business Management program. He is one of the founding members and former President of what used to be the e-BSA (e-Business Student Association) now known as the DBSA. Perez is currently a Digital Marketing Specialist in the tech sector and has worked with small start-ups and large multinational companies to help them to achieve their digital growth goals. In this interview, Martin shares his journey from Humber College student to a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Martin, how did you get your first job in this field?

I started as a Digital Marketing Intern at Metal Supermarkets.And after learning how to create and develop a website, I trained myself and I started providing personal service to business start-ups. 

What motivated you to pursue a career in this industry?

What I like about this field and industry is that it is very technological – “geeky but not nerdy”. It is very competitive, and is always changing; there are always new things to try. 

What is your opinion of job prospects in your field now and in the future?

There are tons of opportunities! It’s a booming industry, especially in Toronto. It’s also a field where you can go on your own and get your own clients. There are no lack of opportunities. It is easy to learn and could be a great market to take advantage of because it is always needed and every industry needs it.

What skills, attitudes and knowledge do you believe are most important for someone entering the field or industry? 

For someone entering this field, the most important skill is creativity. It is also important to keep practicing and improving your work because this industry is always changing and constantly developing.

What is a major challenge facing your industry in the last year?

Because of “bad apples”, with unreliable networks, SEO/SEA spamming, email spamming and over chargers, a lot of customers, especially clients who are new to the digital aspect of their businessesget bad perception of people in this field. This could be overcome by having more professionals in the field who provides genuine service to their clients.

What other careers are related to this field?  Would these require other training?

It’s a mix of business and technical. It’s possible to either go to the field of web development or marketing and management. It could require certain certifications, experience in programming, app development, and work experience with businesses. 

As a final note, Martin advices students who wants to start and get their first job in this industry to keep looking and applying for internships until you find and get your desired position. There are a lot of websites, like where companies are looking for interns so it is best to research and take advantage of it. 

The opportunity to speak with Martin was truly valuable and appreciated. Hearing his perspective on the industry is very helpful especially to those who are looking to start in this field. 

If you are a student interested in the field of Digital Business, I hope this interview is of great value to you.


Alexandra Belen Interviewing Martin Perez at the Google Analytics Workshop