Insightful Journey to Success with Neha Charnalia, Founder and CEO of SwitchGrocery

Interview & Article By: Lubnaa Aamirah, second year Digital Business Management student

SwitchGrocery is an online food retail store that caters to people with specific diet requirements. Its business model lays exclusive attention to their product range where they undergo careful procedure of selection of their suppliers and products. They stand by incredible values of sustainability by supporting and upbringing small, authentic, and organic suppliers, products, and packaging. SwitchGrocery has shown a remarkable success over the years after its founding in the year 2017. It is THE business for its ‘customer friends’-as they like to call it- by going that extra mile and creating a strong bond and providing value to them.

The Humber DBSA has been very fortunate to be able to interview the founder and CEO of SwitchGrocery, Neha Charnalia to find out her journey to entrepreneurship, and how she built SwitchGrocery to being a successful e-commerce. Neha provides her insights on the idea generation process, external support she took, financial resources available for new start-ups, and lastly, advice to students who want to take on their journey to entrepreneurship. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then this is ‘the’ interview tailored to help you! Visit SwitchGrocery’s online store and watch the full interview here!

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