Meet Michallia Marks

  • Written by: Lana Hekmat, Digital Business Management student
  • Edited by: Ejin ZandiDigital Business Management student

Meet Michallia Marks, An Enthusiastic Humber Graduate

Who Is Michallia Marks?

Michallia is a recent Digital Business Management graduate at Humber. Michallia mentioned that this program has truly been rewarding for her as it taught her a lot of different things such as how to work with people and develop long-lasting relationships. She said, “I would choose it over again if she had to.”

Emotional Intelligence, An Important Skill Set: 

She began describing her experiences during her time and Humber, and the different skills she had gained thus far. One of the skills that Michallia mentioned that stood out to me the most was emotional intelligence, which is the ability to be mindful and communicate one’s feelings as well as to manage interpersonal interactions with empathy.

Plans After Graduation:

Amongst her plans are to launch her career and put in more time in building her personal portfolio this summer. She also took the time and went over my professional portfolio and gave me a lot of feedback on how to improve it. Michallia has some plans to do a graduate masters’ program but would first like to measure the profit as it is a big investment in both time and money. Michallia’s advice is to get involved in things such as events as they help develop a person as a young professional. 

What Michallia Values The Most At Humber:

Michallia gives a lot of credit and appreciation to our program coordinator Hanadi Alnawab for her constant guidance and help. She stated, “I am so grateful for Hanadi because she has really been involved in my academic life and doesn’t shut down ideas”. She also highlighted the importance of maintaining connections with people and staying connected with them. Overall, Michallia gave me excellent guidance and the courage to keep striving and being a determined person.

The Impact Of The Mentoring Program:

This mentoring program allows students to have an elevated conversation with a mentor to learn more about their experiences and different life lessons they encountered. It encourages us to get advice and direction on how to handle different things such as opportunities and lessons we can learn from. My meeting with my mentor Michallia Marks was very inspiring and thoughtful. Michallia was fantastic, she answered all of the questions I had planned for her with a knowledgeable and professional approach.

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