Virtual Masterclass: Mastering Virtual Events

Date, Time, & Panel

  • Date: Wednesday Sept 29, 2021
  • Time: 11:00 AM
  • Hosted by the DBSA in collaboration with the BUS 1500 class
  • Guests, EventMobi

Session Description

Virtual events are here to stay, with an estimated 72% of B2B event organizers planning on maintaining them for the long term. So, what types of business meetings and conferences are best suited to a virtual format, and which platforms are ideal for helping organizers achieve their event goals? Chrissy, Catrina, and Tyler from EventMobi will discuss the different styles of virtual events and what tools are available to planners to help them keep their online audiences engaged and excited. They will cover: 

  • The different types of virtual events 
  • Software solutions for specific event types
  • Engagement tools
  • Content production best practices

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