My first Impression on In-Campus Learning  

  • Written by: Dong Anh Tran (Daniel), Digital Business Management student
  • Edited by: Ejin ZandiDigital Business Management student

After studying online for a long time, I was finally able to go to campus to have my first in-class course. Many people think that studying in class would be almost second nature to us as we have done it for so long before the pandemic. For me though, I find that returning to an old experience may not be as similar as people might think, especially during special times like now.

Since most classes are still online, there are not many students on campus. Most classes only have around 20 students maximum in class but the atmosphere of the classroom seems to not have changed at all. On my first day walking to campus, I expected to not see many students there and because of that, I thought that classes might be a bit boring. But the reality was so much more different.

This semester, I have one class that is in person. On my first day, while walking to the classroom, I couldn’t help but feel excited to be able to meet my teacher, classmates and study while not needing to constantly look at a laptop screen as we do when the lectures are online. Even though we still need to wear masks, I could still feel the excitement in the classroom from the very first lesson. There were lively discussions between teachers and students on different parts of the lesson which always made the lesson even more interesting and exciting for me and everyone else in the class. The ability to be able to see not only the teachers but my classmates and being able to discuss with my classmates so openly and excitingly were things that I missed a lot after returning to in-person learning. After the first day of studying on campus, the feeling I once thought was gone was finally back – the feeling of normalcy.

Not only were the teachers and students excited to be back on campus, but you could see the look of happiness on the staff’s faces on campus as well. The silence that once covered the campus is no longer there. As we slowly move back to a sense of normalcy, I now know how to appreciate the things that we lost because of the COVID-19 pandemic more than before. As we are now going through our first year, I highly recommend to all first-year students to be more active, be it through online or offline classes and activities. Maybe join a club or two, you will meet new people and possibly make a couple of lifetime friends along the way as well. I promise that you won’t regret it!

Currently, despite only having one class that is in person, I know that soon, we will all be able to go back to campus and have our regular classes and the days of studying online will just be a thing of the past. I hope that in the near future, we can all meet each other again not on laptop screens but on campus!


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