Meet Amanda Rice

  • Written by: Natalia Cypcarz, Digital Business Management student
  • Edited by: Ejin ZandiDigital Business Management student

Meet Amanda Rice, Co-Founder at WildScruff Inc.

Amanda is a motivated, detail-oriented professional with experience in product management. She is responsible for different product lines, life cycle management, new product development, process improvements and business initiatives. One of her main focuses is to embrace dynamic teamwork while driving accountability and team recognition.

How Did The Mentorship Meeting Go?

My mentor Amanda, was an incredibly kind and helpful person. She was very inviting, caring and passionate. Before the interview, I let her know I’d like the meeting to be casual and of course, does not need to get very personal and so she can share anything she would be comfortable sharing. Knowing this information, she still had no problem at all letting me in on her personal life and goals. I learned a few awesome things about her including that she is actually from Newfoundland and moved here a few years ago to pursue her studies at Humber College. 

From Humber Research Assistant To a Business Owner

Amanda is also the owner of “WildScruff Inc”, a very adorable business she has created with her partner that entails hand-sewn dog bandanas that are currently performing very well. Her experience with Humber was a very enjoyable one. She was a part of the web developing/ research assistant committee where she gained experience through developing websites for business owners and through that experience, she found herself an internship with one of the business owners. The small business was a photographer with roles such as editing/updating the owners’ business sites, imputing and plan bookings and any sort of administrative work on the side. 

Advice After Graduation?

Amanda’s advice for graduating was very realistic and I enjoyed that about her. She essentially let me know that it is of course ideal to look for the best position possible. However, in most cases, you will start small and that’s perfectly fine. The best thing she found was being proactive on LinkedIn through following pages in respect to her field, connecting with like-minded people and anyone with the same field description or experience. In addition, she was very active to post and share content on her social media accounts, which is actually what helped her land her first job as an Assistant Product Manager at Venmar Ventilation ULC. She was very pleased and comfortable with this job and one could say that was a matter of luck. 

“Scared I won’t Find a Job”, What Do I Do?

I believe her execution was very smart and similar to her, I took it upon myself to be proactive on LinkedIn and follow the tips she provided me. She was very honest with me while answering the question of what to expect after I graduate and I appreciated that; it was refreshing to hear she was also afraid after graduation but held her head up and pushed for an opportunity. I am thankful for this experience!

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