Meet Ryan Daoust

  • Written by: Sarah Ulaj, Digital Business Management student
  • Edited by: Ejin ZandiDigital Business Management student

Meet Ryan Daoust, Director, Priority Customers at Scotiabank

Ryan is currently a Director, Priority Customers at Scotiabank. Additionally, he owns a track record of consistently exceeding KPIs through a data-driven approach and leading teams to implement meaningful process improvements throughout large organizations. He is truly passionate about collecting, analyzing, and interpreting consumer insights to create growth opportunities, which stems from a special interest in the science behind the data.

What Is The Mentorship Experience 

When I first got on the call with Ryan, I started by asking him basic questions about his educational background and work experience. We discussed the importance of education and applying it to the workplace. After a few minutes, the conversation just started to flow naturally and the meeting didn’t feel as I was interviewing Ryan but rather as we were having an open-ended conversation regarding business, life and education.

Advice On Networking? Positive Relationships?

During the meeting with Ryan, he offered a lot of valuable advice to consider when I enter the workplace. He talked about ways to stand out in the competitive industry. We discussed that doing small things to set yourself apart from the rest goes a long way. He explained how networking was a great place to start, no connection is a bad one. Knowing people is never a bad thing, it just gives you more opportunities in the future. Ryan explained how your career can be very unpredictable in where you may end up. So it is important to establish positive, professional relationships in order to give you early advantages. 

Hard work And Dedication- Key To Success

We discussed the importance of organization and management skills, and how these are key factors in being successful. Being on top of your priorities and always giving your all, whether that means staying late or taking on a heavier workload, can be extremely rewarding in the long run. Although it is easy to get distracted or discouraged, it is important to stay focused. Ryan gave me a lot of tips on how to grow within the company. He stressed that although an employer may hire you, you still have to prove to them that they made the right choice and that you will be a great asset to the company. You need to show dedication and a desire to grow in order to obtain respect within the company. 

Master The Art Of Goal Setting

We talked about the importance of goal setting and that you are your biggest competitor. You should always be reaching new goals. Having effective communication skills is something that you should always practice and be looking to improve. He stressed that if you aren’t able to properly communicate with your colleagues or superiors, it will make collaborating with them extremely difficult which will result in a non-productive workplace. 

Would I Recommend The Mentorship Experience?

Yes! The conversation with Ryan was really an eye-opener and brought my attention to new ideas and concepts on how to successfully make a name for yourself in the workplace. Furthermore, he taught me about initiatives that employees can take to stand out from their colleagues alongside other tips and information. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to connect with Ryan and I look forward to having many more conversations in the future. Overall, I learned a lot through our conversation, however, my main takeaway from our meeting was that the more you invest yourself into your work the more you will be rewarded in the future. Everything can be learned and done well if you’re motivated to do a good job. Nothing is impossible as long as you set your mind to it and allow nothing to get in the way of achieving it.

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