Instagram Live – Blogging and SEO for Small Businesses with Thomas Durham

  • Written by: Jeneen Richards, Digital Business Management student
  • Edited by: Ejin ZandiDigital Business Management student

Ever wonder, how easy it is to search for Apple on the internet? Do you notice, how it is the first option that pops up on your screen?

Thomas explained his background and interest in SEO, starting as a member of the DBSA assisting in various roles. He mentioned that blogging and SEO require a long-term commitment to time, effort, and financial investment. He further highlighted that the primary goal is to appear amongst the first pages whenever a customer is searching for your business.

On September 27th, 2021, the DBSA team hosted an Instagram live with Thomas Durham, Founder of Mango Digital. Thomas is a graduate of Humber College and a former member of the DBSA shared his insights and knowledge about the importance of SEO in business marketing. Students from the FASH 4500 class along with members of the DBSA community were in attendance.

The event was hosted by members of the DBSA events team, namely Mackenzie Klin and Sunny Chopra. It was promoted through social media platforms such as Instagram and Linkedin to both the DBSA and larger Humber community. The event was managed effortlessly and participants engaged freely by posting questions via the chatbox to the guest speaker.

 The world of technology is continuously growing and there is always room to learn a new tech skill or two. As the DBSA continues to host these events as they are dedicated to creating an online hub for bonding and making connections with new people. If you want to know what other events are happening, visit here.

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