Insightful Journey to Success with Luma Awad, Founder of Inamullumani

Inamullumani logo

Interview & Article By: Lubnaa Aamirah, third year Digital Business Management student

Inamullumani is a jewelry brand established over 15 years ago and was founded by Luma Awad, a jewelry designer and artist from Oakville, Ontario with a Jordanian background. Its unique and colorful wearable pieces personify many heartfelt stories and empower women across different countries. The remarkable pieces are carefully curated with precious metals and stones and are inspired by Luma’s Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern heritage. Inamullumani’s pieces are designed to embody the uniqueness in every individual. The brand also designs exclusive jewelry collections for a cause to help support women and cancer patients across many countries.

The Humber DBSA is extremely honored to be able to interview Luma and learn about her journey to entrepreneurship. Luma narrates how she found Inamullumani and brought it to the success it has received today. She further provides many inspiring insights and advice to all the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own journey to entrepreneurship. Visit Inamullumani’s website for more information. Watch the full interview here!

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