Digital Business Conference: A Glimpse into the Digital World

Over the past few years, the nature of work has completely changed. With the emerging trends around remote work during and post-COVID, we here at DBSA understand the importance of new technologies, E-commerce, and Digital Business. Fortunately enough, at Humber, we have a lot of graduates who have paved the way for us and in our last Digital Business Conference event, they taught us all about the tech industry.

On February 24, 2022, the DBSA team, in collaboration with the Web Development class hosted a Digital Business Conference. This conference consisted of three one-hour live sessions, namely Careers in IT & Business, Shopify, and Grad Panel. All sessions were hosted on Blackboard Collaborate with professionals sharing their insights and knowledge about different aspects of the digital world.

Digital Business Conference Guests on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

The Digital Business Conference was promoted on both Linkedin and Instagram to the DBSA community. During each event, students were able to utilize the chatbox to ask questions from the guest speakers. Members of the DBSA and students from the Web Development class were in attendance for these events.  The details of each event are as follows:

Careers in IT & Business

This session featured Amar Latchman, a Business Analyst at Deloitte who discussed various career paths within the IT & Business industries. He acknowledged the overlap of information technology within all functional departments resulting in emerging job opportunities. Amar also shared a few tips for networking and the importance of being “Linked In” by building relationships with professionals within the industry. Moreover, he discussed the necessity of having a good work balance and time management skills as a business professional. To watch the event, click here!


Faria Islam and Jonah Zapparoli, the guests for this one-hour session, discussed their reasons for working with Shopify and described their typical workday at Shopify. Moreover, Jonah highlighted how lucrative the Digital Business Program is, as he was able to secure a job at Shopify and network with professionals within the company. Both guest speakers expressed their appreciation to Hanadi Alnawab the Program Coordinator for the program’s design and countless networking opportunities.  To watch the event, click here!

Grad Panel 

Guest speakers Uche Umolu, Michallia Marks, Martin Perez, and Amanda Rice shared career advice and best practices around conducting an interview plus resuming writing tips. Furthermore, the panelists discussed the technical skills that the Digital Business Management Program has given them in their current positions. Later, the guests shared more details about their current positions and roles to familiarize students with job opportunities available within the industry after graduating. To watch the event and hear more about these amazing graduates’ career journeys, click here!

This conference served as an educational tool for aspiring Digital Business students to gain insights and knowledge about the digital world. Not only do students learn about the industry, but they are also given the opportunity to network with professionals and build relationships. With this advice and information disseminated, the DBSA team hopes you will utilize them within your academic and career journey. Feel free to connect to our grads and in case you missed the event, follow us on LinkedIn so you never miss a beat on our future events!

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

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