Are you a current Digital Business Management student ready to contribute to the success of our association? volunteer with us for one semester, then join the executive team for a full academic year.

Start by Volunteering!

If you are a new Digital Business Management student, we invite you to volunteer with us for one semester (Fall or Winter) before applying to join the Executive Team, connect with your colleagues and learn more about what we do. As a volunteer, you will work directly with our Executive Team on various initiatives and your name will be included on the team page upon completing your assigned tasks. We ask for a minimum of 5 hours of your time per semester. Tasks may include:

  • Designing social media posts to promote our webinars
  • Creating a short video to promote or summarize our webinars
  • Writing a blog post summarizing one of our webinars
  • Creating an infographic summarizing one of our webinars
  • Helping with the events
  • Other tasks needed at the time

To join one of our weekly meetings and learn about our progress, visit the following page. We look forward to seeing you!

Join the Executive Team

  • As an Executive Team member, we ask for a commitment of a full academic year (Fall and Winter)
  • You must have previous experience as a volunteer for one semester
  • Your work can be recognized on your official record as a co-curricular experience.

Available Positions (Winter 2023)

Events Team

The Events Team is responsible for the full planning and execution of our events. Click on the “Events” tab on the navigation bar and learn about our previous events. Duties include:

  • Identifying new webinar topics and new guest speakers
  • Reaching out to the guest speakers
  • Setting up virtual meeting with the guest speakers to plan the event
  • Managing registration (Eventbrite)
  • Creating press release docs to be posted online
  • Developing marketing materials and promoting the events in collaboration with the Online Presence Team
  • Moderating the live event
  • Following up with guests and attendees
  • Creating a short video to thank the guests through blogging and social media (in collaboration with the Online Presence Team)

Blogging Team

The Blogging Team is responsible for creating blog posts. Duties include:

  • Updating and maintaining the blog section by creating new content (text, infographics, video)
  • Blogging, examples:
    • Interviews with Humber students and grads
    • Feature small business owners (Humber students and alumni)
    • Guest blogging

Social Media Team

The Social Media Team is responsible for maintaining our social media (LinkedIn and Instagram). Duties include:

  • Designing, creating, and scheduling social media posts
  • Managing the online engagement

Mentorship Program Team

The Mentorship Program Team is responsible for developing and managing a mentorship program that connects current students with grads, starting with research, identifying and selecting suitable tools, as well as implementing and managing the program. We will be exploring the following tool: upmarkit Career Network, contact info: Larry Zolob

Industry Projects Team

The Featured Projects Team is responsible for collecting information about previous successful projects such as capstone projects and any other special class projects by interviewing stakeholders (students and their clients for example). The objective is provide current students with examples of successful project ideas that may inspire them.

Community Outreach Team

The Community Outreach Team is responsible for researching, connecting, developing relationships, and collaboration opportunities with other student associations.

  • Reaching out to student organizations province-wide
  • Brainstorming to identify collaboration opportunities

To Apply:

  • Send your letter of intent to your Program Coordinator: Hanadi Alnawab <>. Include your student number and use the following subject line: DBSA Volunteer Application or DBSA Exec Team Application
  • In your letter of intent, clearly indicate which team you would like to join and what you’re interested in doing
  • If you are applying for the Exec Team: please indicate your previous involvement with the DBSA as a volunteer
  • Students who join the DBSA team must agree to the following Membership Agreement (more info on our weekly meetings here)
  • The above positions are unpaid, and open to current Digital Business Management BComm students only