We’re Hiring for VEBTA 2016/2017

We are currently hiring work-study students to join our VEBTA team for the upcoming 2016/2017 projects. The following are the positions:

  1. WordPress Developer (this role includes SEO, content development, and social media setup)
  2. Graphic Designer (this includes logo design, graphics for the website, business card)
  3. Photographer (photography of products for the website, headshot of client / team)

Before you apply, please visit the following link to learn more about VEBTA 2015/2016

Please note that applicants must be current, registered, full-time Humber students. Work on the VEBTA project will take place between Sept 2016 and April 2017. During that time, students working on the project are expected to attend 3-5 meetings with the client, and short weekly progress meetings with the development team. Progress meetings will be scheduled before or after class. The  total number of hours will be determined based on the project requirements, the role, and the student’s availability.

If you are interested in applying…

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Martin Perez: President of the e-Business Student Association

Martin Perez, President of the e-Business Student Association

By: Faria Islam, Executive Team, e-Business Student Association. The e-Business Student Association is up and running for the year! We have a lot of upcoming events and a growing executive team. On June 13th, we held a vote and Martin Perez was elected as our inaugural President for the e-Business Student Association. Martin has been …

Coding Bootcamp – Student-led Seminar

Humber E-Business Marketing students had the opportunity to have their coding skills brought to new heights with a student led Coding Bootcamp seminar. The event, organized by the e-Business Student Association took place on February 19th of this year at Humber Lakeshore. David Bembenek, a third year e-Business marketing student, took on the task of running …