As a member of the Digital Business Student Association, I agree to the following:

  • Weekly Meetings: I commit to attending all weekly meetings unless otherwise specified. I will attend with a willingness to participate. If I am unable to attend a meeting due to unforeseen circumstances, I will ensure that I will notify my Program Coordinator and the team in advance, and review any material sent after the meeting. If I attend virtually, I agree to have my camera and mic on to ensure full participation.
  • 3 Strike Policy: I am aware that the DBSA initiates a 3-strike policy. This 3-strike policy consists of receiving a “strike” due to not attending meetings without valid reason consistently, lack of enthusiasm towards the role or team, not meeting the deadlines, or not completing the assigned tasks.
  • Submission of Deliverables: I commit to completing tasks and submitting deliverables on time as agreed with my Program Coordinator.
  • Respect and Team Camaraderie: I will treat all members of the DBSA team with respect and will contribute positively to the association.