Our Team (Winter 2021)

We are currently recruiting students to grow our Winter 2021 team – check the available positions and send your application.

Events Team

  • Latika Sood: identifying new topics, reaching out to guests, and hosting the events
  • Sanjna Kilam: hosting and promoting the events
  • Shray Shrotriya: managing event registration through (Eventbrite) as well as newsletter promotions (MailChimp)

Blogging Team

  • Lubnaa Aamirah: Women Entrepreneurs
  • Ejin Zandi: Conversations with Grads
  • Juliano Dallastra: Blogging about DBSA and HOS webinars

Social Media Team

  • Alexa Shtun: Building, maintaining and regularly updating our LinkedIn page
  • Chi Fai Cheng (Jeff): Designing and creating posts and content for Instagram & Facebook
  • Hien Trong Banh (Oscar): Scheduling posts on our Instagram & Facebook to promote events/webinars

Industry Projects Team

  • Samantha Ruth
  • Eldar Michaelov
  • Andre Thompson

Community Outreach Team

  • Devan Shingadia

Social Activities Team

  • Jeneen Richards: Planning social events to build our community

Clubhouse Team

  • Mackenzie Klin
  • Sameha Dahir