Update: our 2022-2023 is complete, please contact us again in the future if you would like to volunteer

We strongly encourage you all to get involved by signing up to our blog, and attending our events.

New students may start by volunteering for one semester, then join the Executive Team for a full academic year. Students who join the DBSA team must agree to the following Membership Agreement (more info on our weekly meetings here). All DBSA positions are unpaid, and open to current Digital Business Management BComm students only.

Start by Volunteering!

If you are a new Digital Business Management student, we invite you to volunteer with us for one semester (Fall or Winter) before applying to join the Executive Team, connect with your colleagues and learn more about what we do. As a volunteer, you will work directly with our Executive Team on various initiatives and your name will be included on the team page upon completing your assigned tasks. We ask for a minimum of 5 hours of your time per semester. Tasks may include:

  • Designing social media posts to promote our webinars
  • Creating a short video to promote or summarize our webinars
  • Writing a blog post summarizing one of our webinars
  • Creating an infographic summarizing one of our webinars
  • Helping with the events
  • Other tasks needed at the time

To join one of our weekly meetings and learn about our progress, visit the following page. We look forward to seeing you!

Join the Executive Team

  • As an Executive Team member, we ask for a commitment of a full academic year (Fall and Winter)
  • You must have previous experience as a volunteer for one semester
  • Your work can be recognized on your official record as a co-curricular experience