Women Entrepreneurs

We are excited to launch a new series featuring successful female entrepreneurs who generously agreed to share their wisdom and insightful journey to success with us through short interviews!

This series celebrates women in business who despite the boundaries established by our surrounding environment have outshone their limits to be successful women entrepreneurs. These interviews will highlight the success stories of wonderful women hustling through the constantly revolutionizing business world.

We are delighted to introduce our first guest for this series, Neha Charnalia. Neha is the founder and CEO of SwitchGrocery, an online food retail store that caters to people with specific dietary needs alongside upbringing sustainability through their products, packaging, and suppliers. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur then this is ‘the’ interview series packed with resources and insights to help you. Check out SwitchGrocery’s online store!

Watch the highlights 👇 below or check the full interview!